5th Karlsbörse Prague 21.03.2019

List of attendees 5th. Karlsbörse Exchange 21.03.2019

The Prague Karlsbourse has developed positively from the very beginning, year after year. In 2018 we welcomed just over 800 visitors.( Mills, wholesalers, concentrated feed plants, brokers, agricultural trade, cooperatives)The number of exhibitors has also grown steadily, in 2018 15 exhibitors took part in the exchange,

 13 companies were able to present themselves as advertising partners and sponsors of the exchange.

In the first few years, participants were mainly from Eastern European and neighbouring countries, but in 2018 the Karlsbörse established itself as an international event with participants from 18 nations.

The Karlsbourse has thus developed into one of the most important grain exchanges in Europe.

Prague is not only located in the heart of Europe and can be easily reached by plane, train and car from all countries, the city also offers a large number of hotels in various categories and is an extremely attractive travel destination. With our extraordinary evening event above the rooftops of Prague, we not only want to offer you a pleasant ambience for your contacts, but also lay this wonderful city at your feet.

We look forward to continuing the success story together with you in 2019.

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List of attendees 5th. Karlsbörse Exchange 21.03.2019